My name is Allie! I am a digital illustrator based in Southeastern Michigan, and a graduate of College for Creative Studies!
I'm a simple person. I revel in the sheer intensity in the content I consume, to dance on the line between poignancy and obscenity. 
This extends to the way I view the world around me: any experience I have is noted down as inspiration for future art I want to make. Sometimes I will specifically seek out doing things I've never done before just to know what it's like. This line of thinking has gotten me in trouble several times, but it’s always a funny story, and no animals were harmed.

I also like to create that sort of content myself, to give people that same rush I constantly chase in an easy to access manner. Raw and hitting right where it needs to, that's the way to go. My process follows that same line of thinking: open the computer, chug caffeinated drinks, and go at it. The fun in the process beats out being meticulous. It’s about capturing the emotion and the zest for life.
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